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Alex Ball

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Alex Ball

Alex Ball

About Me

Date of Birth: 10/08/1983
Where From: Hampshire
Occupation: Web Developer

Production BMW History

Since: 2014
Best Result: 4th
Car # 47

Racing Support

Sponsors: Applecado Ltd
Crew Members: Wife (Nicky), Daughter (Lucy)

Previous Racing History

Racing Since: 2014
Series/Classes: PBMWC
Wins/Class Wins: TTRS Snetterton Class F winner
Awards: PBMWC Rookie of the year 2014
First Race and year: Doninngton National, April 2014

A Little More About Me

Favorite Track: Doninngton or Snetterton (300)
Bucket List Track: Sebring, Nurburgring or La Sarthe
Racing Rolemodel: James Hunt
1 Lap in any race car, what car (can be any car from history): Ooh. either Mercedes-Benz C11, at La Sarthe, or a 60’s F1 car at any old F1 track.

Non Racing Role Model: Elon Musk
Other Hobbies: Not many - mostly car related, but I suppose: Photography, Film, Computer Games
Favorite Food: All of it.
Favorite Drink: Beer (not lager).
Favorite Saying/Quote: "If I had all the money I'd spent on cars... I'd spend it all on cars."

Contact Alex

Twitter @altrezia

Latest Results

2015 R6: Castle Combe

Race 2

  Driver Laps Time
1 Gary Feakins    
2 Harry Goodman    
3 William Davison    
4 Matthew Wileman    
5 Mark Palmer    
6 Rob Cooper    
7 Jack Gabriel    
8 Rob Manger    
9 Sam Strong    
10 Alex Ball    
11 Callum Noble    
12 Andy Gay    
13 Tom Ibrahim    
14 Steve Carter    
15 Ian Russell    
16 Owen Darch    
17 Edwin Scott    
18 Karl Graves    
19 Ian Francis    
20 Ian Shepherd    
21 Dean Spurr    
22 Peter O'Connor    
23 Edd Giddings    
24 Paul Beaurain    
25 Ian Turner    
26 Ambrogio Perfetti    
27 Daniel May    
28 Ben Woodcock    
29 James Vickers    
30 Maciek Kaszczuk    
DNF Paul Kembery    
DNF Declan Russell    
DNF Andy Whyte    
Fastest Lap: # Gary Feakins - 1:21.501

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